Help Care for animals like Roxie, Sylvie & Zeus!

Roxie, Sylvie and Zeus are lucky to be alive! After being involved in a car accident, they were found and taken to the Stratford-Perth Humane Society for immediate medical treatment. Our dedicated on-site veterinarian and animal care team treated them upon their arrival and have been working continuously to ensure they are cared for while they wait to be reunited with their family.

So many families find themselves in distressing, unpredictable and unfortunate situations such as this. We here at the Stratford-Perth Humane Society understand that, while owners love their pets, they might not be in an immediate position to properly care for them, whether it is due to hospitalization or other emergency situations.

Your donation today will help to support the Stratford-Perth Humane Society in continuing to provide the necessary services required for our Emergency Boarding Program, offering families the peace of mind they need through difficult times.