Dog and Cat Licensing

Online Dog and Cat License Application

City of Stratford By-Law 195-2002 states that all dogs and cats must be licensed annually. Purchase your dog and or cat license by March 1st to receive a discounted rate.

Did You Know?

  • If your licensed dog is found by a member of the public, they will be directly returned to you with no visit to the shelter.
  • Renewing your license annually keeps your contact information and address up-to-date so your pet can be returned should they ever get lost
  • 100 per cent of missing dogs that are found and have a license are returned to their homes
  • The majority of stray dogs found without a dog license are put up for adoption and are not returned to their families
  • Owners are required to have a dog license within 30 days of ownership.
  • Any dog owner found owning an unlicensed dog can be fined $200-$5000.

2019 City of Stratford Licensing Fees

If Paid Before March 1st Regular Senior (65+)
Altered $20.00 $17.00
Unaltered $50.00 $42.50
Less than 1 year old $20.00 $17.00
If Paid After March 1st Regular Senior (65+)
Altered $30.00 $25.50
Unaltered $60.00 $51.00
Less than 1 year old $20.00 $17.00

As part of its effort to address the issue of pet overpopulation, the City of Stratford has implemented higher licencing fees for non-sterilized dogs. Before a licence for a sterilized dog is issued, the owner shall submit a copy of their certificate of sterilization; or the owner shall otherwise satisfy the Poundkeeper that their dog is sterilized.

To keep our records up to date, please contact our office 519-273-6600 if you no longer own or have a dog. If your dog has passed away, please contact us and accept our condolences.

Please be considerate of others; city parks and greenbelt areas are not meant to be a playground and litter box for your dog. A dog shall be deemed to be running at large when it is found not under the effective control of an adult and not on a leash. As well, every owner of a dog shall remove immediately and dispose of any excrement left by the dog on any property in the city, other than the owner’s property. Please obey the by-laws so that everyone can enjoy the parks and greenbelt areas. Be a responsible pet owner. Thank you for your cooperation.

Other Locations

You may also purchase your license at one of the following locations:

City of Stratford
City Clerk’s Office
1 Wellington Street

Romeo Pet Hospital
782 Downie Street, Stratford

Coventry Animal Hospital
535 Huron Street, Stratford

Avon Pet Hospital
B 327 Erie Street, Stratford

Perth Veterinary Services
80 Lorne Ave, Stratford

Ruffins Pet Centre
1067 Ontario Street, Stratford

Better Dog Training & Behaviour
560 Huron Street, Stratford

Global Pet Food
684 Ontario Street, Stratford